General Guidelines and Services


1. Scope of Work


- Assistance in conceptual approach
- Assistance in rendering
- Assistance in technical drawings and shop drawings
- Execution of “scale models” if needed
- Providing color swatches – finishes

    - Estimate of total project cost – Ex Factory or FOB Manila
- The making of the actual “models” of the different scenes and/or Components
- After approval of model, the execution of the different moulds
- Casting/lamination of the different components – scenes
- Actual assembly of all components and scenes (full size) in factory
- Finishing and Mock-up
- Color coding and reference coding of each scene and component
- Dismantling of each scene and packing and stuffing in container


2. Materials to be Used

- Depending

on location
on climatically exposure
on physical exposure
on compliance with local authorities

(indoor  – outdoor)
(UV  – Frost – etc.)
(decorative  only – to be used abused etc..)
(fire rating – smoke omission etc..)
Different choice of materials to be used is available, like:

   GRP – GFRC – STONECAST – EKOSTON: All for casting

   Others: powder coated material – stainless steel – MDF – wood Etc...

   Finishing Materials: Mainly organic pigments – acid treatment UV resistant paint and urethane

   Mill test reports – structural approval – fire rating test reports etc... are available upon request


3. Execution and concept and Chronology

A. Will be in accordance and compliance with client’s requests and stipulations. 
B. Themebuilders Philippines Inc (TB) will assist Principal in the rendering of the different 
      scenes and once approved, TB will proceed with the technical shop drawings (in auto 
      cad), so both parties can compare – exchange – correct. 
C. Material swatches and color/finish samples will be produced and And sent for approval 
D. Upon approval of swatches and samples, either the scale models will be produced or the 
      making of models can start. 
E. During the process of scale model making and/or the actual model making of scenes 
      and components, digital pictures and/or movies of the progress will be sent to Principal 
      on a regular basis for comment and approval. the same will apply during the process 
      of mould making – casting – elevation – finishing – coding – packing of the project. 
F.Once model is approved the mould making can start 
G. The next step is the casting of the components 
H. If a” structural “is required, this will be also erected at this time 
I. Each and every scene will be erected in TB’s factory (mock-ups). This will allow TB to 
      correct, adjust, chance eventually some detail and/or components when needed. It 
      is also to double check if everything fits correctly and “fine tuning “can be applied, if 
      needed. Again, because of the digital pictures and movies TB immediately to TB as 
      well and comment – approve. 
J. Once the cladding is done, the finishing process can start. principal will comment – 
      approve, based on sent digital pictures and movies. 
K. Once approved, TB will mark each scene by using color code and ref nr (which will 
      also appear on the packaging) 
L. Dismantling can start and container(s) can be stuffed. 
M. A complete set of pictures of all scenes, indicating (like a jig-saw puzzle) each and 
      every component as they are produced and be installed 
N. A complete repair kit will be sent as well; covering all the different kinds of material 
      and finishing materials used. This together with a very clear instruction guide 
      how to use them 
O. A maintenance guide will be part of it as well. 
P. An insurance, covering the entire project here in TB’s factory will be subscribed, 
      to protect Principal against any possible loss.   


4. Payment terms

TB  has different payment terms and will be done in accordance and agreement with principal.

Depending  on the size of the project the ff “standard“ terms are applicable, subject to negotiations: 

A. Small size:

50% Down Payment – balance of 50% upon shipment.

    B. Medium size: 1/3 DP – 1/3 somewhere half way( to be agreed upon and 1/3 upon shipment.
    C. Large size:

An agreed upon DP to start with and the balance through progressive payment.


***There is a possibility to split the project up in different Contracts if wanted or needed:

  • a separate contract for “designing – development “
  • a separate contract for the actual production of the project
  • a separate contract for assisting in the installation at site or even the total installation itself( case to case basis ).


TB has a complete team of licensed architects – auto cad operators – civil engineers – structural engineers – electrical engineers – designers – craftsmen.
The English language is TB’s medium of correspondence.



Contact Information

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